Grass Stained: 1 Mom + 4 Boys = adventure

Welcome to Grass Stained
November 2, 2012, 5:55 pm
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Here we go! This first post is a long time coming. You see, I was writing a different blog. I realized it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. With my Woo-Hoo Tofu blog, I always wrote about food, and how I was feeding my boys. As much as I’d like to think so, food doesn’t encompass all aspects of life. Especially when you are chasing four boys around the house. Don’t get me wrong – they are practically eating us out of house and home and they are still young (what have we gotten ourselves into?). I just kept thinking of posts that were not food related. They were posts about what I want to teach my boys, things we do together, and the whole experience of raising these crazy guys. In a recent texting craze with my friend, I realized the three things I value most in my life is compassion, knowledge and adventure. These are the things I want to write about.

So why Grass Stained?

The name came to me one day as I was doing laundry. I thought “Man, do I have a lot of grass-stained knees in my future”. Then it clicked! I have a lot of grass-stained knees in my future, but that’s not a bad thing. Those grass stains are almost always the result of having fun. They come from playing and exploring. Why should I be upset about them? It really changed my attitude. I actually smile now when I’m scrubbing them. I’m sure the stain removal companies are smiling too…I should buy stock.

But wait, there’s more. I also chose Grass Stained because of the tie to nature. I’m happiest when I’m outside, whether it is digging in the dirt, hiking with my family, or just sitting on the grass and taking in what is around me. I find it is nearly impossible to be mad outside. Of course, I forget this sometimes. Which brings me to the last reason I chose the name Grass Stained.

See, I have this little problem called perfectionism. If there was a PA (Perfectionist’s Anonymous), I could be a founding member. The biggest issue with my being a perfectionist is that I have FOUR boys. Talk about impossible! I am using this blog as my therapy to embrace my mistakes. I am learning to let go (although my husband might disagree with that) and I’m inviting you all along for the ride. Are you ready?

As part of my letting go, I plan to have “Megan’s Grass-Stained Moment of the Day” in each post. I figure it will help me deal my mistakes if I write them out. Hopefully you’ll get a good laugh (and possibly relate to me once in awhile). I’ve had a lot of them lately, but here is the first one.

My Grass-Stained Moment of the Day:
I said I wasn’t writing about food anymore. I lied. We have been changing our diet lately and exploring different options. I was all set to make Paleo meals (no grains, no dairy). I planned, I shopped, I cooked. I made Paleo chili…and threw in black beans. The next day I made a ginger chicken stir fry…and made brown rice on the side. Perhaps I’m not quite ready to tackle the Paleo diet. And perhaps I’m not ready to give up on Woo-Hoo Tofu. Stay tuned…

Our boys at a recent photo session, attempting to capture that “perfect” moment. We didn’t get it in this shot, but I love seeing their personalities.